today i learned – mon 16th july 2018

so, i’ve now come to the conclusion that the important people know something we don’t 🤔

#tdil the uk will soon have a space port for launching stuff into space 🚀

according to the radio broadcast i heard this morning, it is in preparation for space tourism and all of that jazz … but i’ve since learned that it’s mainly for launching satellites 🙄

anyway, if they do end up using it for space tourism, then it comes very close to the usa declaring that they’ll be making a space defence wing of the military 🙈 … doesn’t it feel like they aren’t telling us something? 😏

back to the real life! 😂 the plan is to build the space port in sutherland, scotland 👍🏻 with the aim of helping us launch more satellites into space 🛰 … apparently we’re world leaders in satellite tech but we don’t have anywhere to launch them from 🤷🏻‍♂️

all going well, the space port will be in action by early 2020 … allowing vertical rockets to launch their way into space 🙌🏻

on another note of space tourism goodness … apparently the people of newquay airport are very much up for being the base for virgin’s launcherone rockets, which are set to take their maiden flight very soon ✈️

but yeah, i think the aliens are coming and now people are having to make provisions! 🛸 lol jokes … would be funny though 😂

i think that’s enough for today 🙈

peace 👍🏻 #tdil


yaaaay space facts! 🌔 fancy learning more stuff? take little look over ->here<-

(picture time … the header is ->here<- and the other picture is ->here<-)

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