today i learned – weds 11th july 2018

this one is pretty creepy today … but it’s also oddly practical 🤔🙈

#tdil there used to be an underground train in london that was used solely to transport dead bodies ☠️

now, before we start, here’s a little disclaimer 😅 … from what i can find, no one is actually 100% certain that this train actually existed 🙄 regardless, folklore or not, it’s still worthy of a post! 😁

so, the folklore goes that the train was in action during the early 1900s in whitechapel, london … you know, jack the ripper’s gaff 👍🏻

back then, london was rife with poverty and disease and peeps just weren’t having a good time staying alive 😢 as such, the hospitals were full and the morgues were overflowing ☠️

that’s where the ‘dead body train’ came in 🚂, located in a tunnel literally one wall away from the underground mainline, the train would be loaded up with dead bodies that wouldn’t fit in the morgue so that they could be transported out of london 😅

whilst there are no official accounts of this train existing, rumours on the interwebnet say that there are blocked up tunnels at whitechapel that apparently lead to the royal london hospital 🏥

as i say, no one really knows whether the train actually existed, but it’d certainly make sense that it did … the morgues and hospitals really were overflowing back then 😕 – in fact, one of whitechapel’s unused ticket halls was used as a back up morgue at one point!

sadly, this is one of those things we may never actually know about … but it’s still interesting to think about 😏 what do you think?

just before you go, i actually learned this one from a youtube channel that i’ve just found 🤓 it’s called ‘most amazing top 10’ and its super interesting 🙌🏻 go pay them a visit ->here<-

laters! 👍🏻 #tdil


love a good bit of folklore 😘 why not go read something actually true ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<-, the second image is ->here<- and the other picture is ->here<-)

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