today i learned – tues 10th july 2018

lots of videos today … love a good fact filled with stunts 🙌🏻 let’s just get straight into it!

#tdil travis pastrana has just done three evel knievel jumps in a row and it’s all a bit nuts

i’ve been a long time fan of travis … from his mad slip’n’slide videos to his xgames backflip and the entire nitro circus television show, he’s long proven he’s a bit nuts but also massively skilful 🏍

well, proving these things even more, he just went and recreated three iconic jumps in a row … all of which were first done by the man himself, evel knievel 😱

the three involved him jumping 52 crushed cars, 16 greyhound buses and the ceasars fountain in vegas (not all at the same time 🙈)

some say that it was made easier by the various improvements in bike tech, safety tech and ramp building tech … but, regardless of that, it’s still an awesome tribute to the greatest stuntman of all time 🙌🏻

i’ve included the three videos instead of pictures … just because it’s really hard to find pictures i can use 😂 enjoy them peeps! 🙌🏻

short one today … hopefully you’ve liked it 😘

bye bye ♥️ #tdil


not strictly a fact today … if you want one of those, you need to go over ->here<-

(the header image came from one of the videos 👍🏻)

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