today i learned – sat 7th july 2018

it’s possible that this one will hit you right in the childhood … well, it could if you like cartoons around the same time as me πŸ˜‚

#tdil timmy turner (of fairly odd parents fame) had a pink hat for a very important and specific reason 😏

if you never saw the show, it was all about a little dude named timmy that had fairy godparents πŸ€™πŸ» he got lots of wishes and caused a bit of mayhem and stuff … we actually had a fact about him a while back! πŸ€”

anyway, the super important reason that he wore a pink hat … far from being something very philosophical, it was simply that creator – butch hartman – ran out of blue ink πŸ˜…

the revelation came about recently when butch responded to paris hilton’s “tell me something i don’t know tweet” πŸ™„

but yup, timmy’s hat was always supposed to be blue … butch followed up his initial tweet with this proof:

who knew, such a massively defining feature of a well loved cartoon character was literally decided by a lack of ink supplies πŸ˜‚ …

okay, it wasn’t quite as philosophical as i had promised πŸ™ˆhave a good day peeps 😘

bye 😜 #tdil


we’re starting to get lots of stuff on this blog that probably don’t count as facts πŸ™ˆ go look for some actual facts ->here<-

(only one picture today … that was taken from youtube ->here<-)

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