today i learned – weds 4th july 2018

this one is going to hit my fellow 90’s peeps right in the nostalgia 🤓 today, let’s head back to a simpler time 🙌🏻

#tdil what that magical dial up tone actually was 💻

now, for the new school kids around here, dial up tone was an epic noise that used to happen every single time you tried to access the internet (for me, whilst accessing through aol) 👍🏻 … it sounded like this:

it’s just magical ♥ anyway, back when i was a young one, i didn’t really care what the noise actually was … now, however, because i am a geek, i must know! 🤔

after much internet based research (ironically) i eventually managed to find an answer to the question 🙌🏻

it turns out that the noise happened because modems were designed to send data over a network that was only designed to carry voice (these days, the network is designed to carry both voice and data). because of that, the signal sent by the modem as it connected to another modem and subsequently the internet (known as the ‘initial handshake’ apparently) had to be within the audible range of humans 👂🏻 if it wasn’t, it never would have been able to travel across phone lines.

apparently it was cranked up volume wise so that we could hear it and monitor for issues … for example: no phone connection 🙄 had they not cranked it up, you still would have heard it if you picked up the phone 👍🏻

still feeling like you want to be even geekier? 🤓 well, a dude named john pemberton wrote an article for ‘the atlantic’ (->here<-) and included the below image … it outlines exactly what each noise actually is 😏for the rest of you, why not go and enjoy some more incredible sounds from our youth by visiting brendan chillcut’s epic museum of endangered sounds ->here<- … it’s honestly a massive nostalgia trip 😍

i’ll be honest, i’ve properly enjoyed this one 🙈 hopefully you have too!

laters yo 👋🏻 #tdil


is that enough nostalgia for one day? want to read something a bit more modern? just take a look ->here<-

(only one image that needs a credit today … it’s ->here<- … the other image is credited up there ^^and the other is a video 👍🏻)

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