today i learned – sun 1st july 2018

as i’ve researched this one, it has literally grown tenfold 🙈 anyway peeps, it’s snake’o’clock 🐍

#tdil a zoo keeper once gave cpr to a rattlesnake for five hours! 😱

what’s more, the snake in question had been half eaten by another snake! 🤦🏻‍♂️ regardless, the daring five hours of cpr managed to save the 2ft Diamondback’s life 🙌🏻

this all took place at the west midlands safari park and the superhero zoo keeper in question was called ‘mark o’shea’ 😏

i actually learned this fact because my nan was showing me the newspaper from the day that i was born in 1991 😍 … so there were very few details other than the small news story 🙈

but, during my research, i actually found that mark is a pretty massive dude in the snake world! like, he was a tv personality on the discovery channel and stuff … he’s even found his own species of venomous snake! 🐍

and what was his thanks from snake-kind for all of his hard work? … he got bit by a very venomous king cobra 🙈 but it’s all good! he was treated in hospital and quickly forgave the bitey snake 😏 this guy is an actual legend!

real short one today … but there was very little info about the whole cpr thing 🙄 either way, i found it interesting and thought it needed reviving 😁

laters! 😘 #tdil


wooooooo, another animal fact done! 🐘 fancy reading something else about some random rubbish? just go ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<-, picture one is ->here<- and the other is the actual news story 😊)

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