today i learned – fri 29th june 2018

you know how jurassic park was a really bad time? well, apparently it might one day be possible 😳

#tdil scientists once made a chicken with a dinosaur like snout instead of a beak 🦖

okay … so, maybe they haven’t built a full on dinosaur 🙄 but the fact that they’ve managed to alter a chicken’s chemical make-up in such a way that it almost had a dinosaur-esque face is close enough thanks 😅

the work was published in the journal ‘evolution’ by lead authors bhart-anjan bhullar of yale and arkhat abzhanov of harvard 🤓 … but creating a mad dinosaur-chicken hybrid wasn’t the aim 🙈

they were actually exploring the whole ‘birds evolved from dinosaurs’ thing that we’ve all heard so much about 🦕 … they were doing this by investigating why birds have beaks 🤔

comparing the embryos of various birds, mice and reptiles, they eventually found a group of genes that only the birds seemed to have … they were totally focused on facial development 😏

using some cleverness, the scientists isolated those proteins (mental) within a chicken egg to see what would happen as the embryo developed.

turns out, without access to those special genes, the embryo resorted to old school dino development … gaining a different face structure and a dinosaur snout instead of a beak 😱

(the skull is shown in that picture ^^ that’s a chicken, the dino-chicken and alligator)

due to ethics, the research team were not allowed to let the embryos hatch 😢 which is rather sad … even though they maintain that they reckon the dino-chickens would have been fine 🐔

but yeah, these scientists literally created a chicken with a dinosaur’s face 😳 how ridiculous is that?! forget watching jurassic world, we’ll be living it one day soon 🙈

if you’d like to read a cleverer version of this stuff, my source is ->here<-

laters peeps 🤓 #tdil


bit scary that, ain’t it 😳 fancy reading something to make yourself feel better? just take a gander over ->here<-

(picture licenses are as follows … the header is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the other one is ->here<-)

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