today i learned – weds 27th june 2018

as a fan of pretty much every water sport that i’ve ever tried, this one massively appeals today 😏 let me know what you think!

#tdil you can buy whitewater rafts that are literally unflappable 😱

have you always wanted to go whitewater rafting but always been put off by the fact that you could flip the raft and have to swim in a rushing river with some big scary rocks? 🙈

this one is deffo for you 🙌🏻 it’s called the ‘creature craft’ (website ->here<-)and it’s basically a raft with a large erection on top of it that stops it settling upside down 😏

to be honest, just saying “it has a large erection on top” is probably not fair … there’s a bit more science to it 🙈 it’s actually a patented design that features a super special roll cage 😎

the whole idea is to boost the fun and safety that you can have on whitewater rapids … you basically get all of the fun of whitewater scary but with less chance of a swim in rushing water 🙌🏻

it’s pretty simple to use, to be fair – occupants sit underneath the mad looking structure and are strapped in using special thigh straps to ensure that they don’t fall out 👍🏻

whilst that structure might look all flimsy and like it couldn’t protect you against a twig, it’s actually super solid 🙌🏻

all-in-all, the pictures of them in action look pretty sick! 😱 would rather like to have a go with one 😏 #notsponsored 🙄

what do you think?

laters yo 😘 #tdil


really want a go with one of these! until then, how about we all go read something else ->here<-

(got all of today’s images from the creature craft website ->here<- … hope that’s okay 😅)

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