today i learned – weds 20th june 2018

do you happen to be a struggling landscaper in need of a big break? japan could have exactly what you need 😏

#tdil about a competition in japan where they decorate the flatbeds of lorries with epic garden displays 😱

it’s called the ‘kei truck garden contest’ and apparently it takes place every year! 😁 as mentioned above, it’s a competition where japanese landscapers go to town on flatbed of a kei truck (or kei-tora) 🚚

now, you may already know about kei cars and kei trucks … but for those of you that don’t; they’re basically very small cars and lorries that are cheap tax wise, easy to manouver through busy japanese streets and easy to park despite the lack of space 🙌🏻

that said, this competition is quite the departure from their intended use 🙈. the rules are very simple – 1). turn up in a kei truck 🚛 2). make it look awesome! in the past, people have literally added water features, ponds and benches! 😍

how do you win? well, the judges score each kei truck garden masterpiece based on planning, expression, design, execution and environment 🌳

pretty cool hey?! yet another reason why we should all visit japan … at what point have i written enough japan posts for a free trip? 🤔 #sellout 🙈

laters y’all 🇯🇵 #tdil


i cannot express enough how much i love these japan facts! fancy learning something else? just take a look ->here<-

(so, images … today i got them all from ->here<- … i think it’s some form of official site? no idea … hopefully i’m not going to get sued!)

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