today i learned – mon 18th june 2018

you know how people say that chimpanzees are just like humans? well, it turns out that they even have fashion?! 😱

#tdil that certain groups of chimpanzees stuck grass in their ear for absolutely no reason other than sick ear decoration 😏🐵

so yeah, this amazing behaviour of chimps following trends was actually first seen in 2010 by researchers studying chimpanzees in zambia 👍🏻

apparently, the first chimpanzee to be seen putting grass in their ear for no reason was a lady chimpanzee named julie 🐵 according to the study, she just stuck some grass in her ear and left it there … she kept doing it over and over.

whilst the researchers were super confused by this behaviour (because it served literally no purpose), the other chimps must have dug the new style … because they all started copying 😱 #eyeforstyle

after seeing this culture develop (apparently it wasn’t a surprise because chimp groups do have their own cultures), the researchers watched four different chimpanzee groups in zambia’s chimfunshi wildlife orphanage trust for a whole year 🤓

what they found was that the first group were the only ones to do the whole grass fashion thing … to begin with anyway 😏 as the other groups started to see it, the trend started to spread 😱 it’s like when a viral video starts spreading 😜

so yeah, chimpanzees are literally just like us … in more ways than i thought 😳 they even do trendsetting 🙈

right, on that note … i think we’re done for today 😁 really enjoyed this one 👍🏻

byee 🤓 #tdil


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