today i learned – tues 12th june 2018

if i’m honest, you need to take today’s “facts” with an open mind and a pinch of salt … regardless, should be fun 🙈

#tdil that there are cursed chairs out there that can make you pregnant or die

i know i know, it sounds pretty far fetched 😅 … to be honest, as a sceptic when it comes to this stuff, i’m not totally convinced. that said, i find that there is a certain pleasure to be had in exploring and learning about a bit of everything! 🤓

right, lets get into it! we’re going to start with the chair that appaz makes people pregnant 😳

the chair in question is nothing more than a blue swivel chair that sits behind the reception desk of a hotel in milton keynes … but, apparently, all seven of the receptionists that have sat on it fell pregnant! 🤰🏼

casually nicknamed the ‘fertility chair’, the pretty standard office chair has been blamed for all seven women falling pregnant and giving birth to baby boys shortly after sitting in it.

of course, there’s no explanation for why it has happened (except a curse … or possibly a dude named steve that gets around) and, due to its reputation, people now refuse to sit in it! wonder what would happen if a dude sat on it? 🤔

the weird chair juju doesn’t end there though! there’s an even worse chair out that there has been known to kill the people that sit on it ☠️ #notideal

the curse on this chair is said to have started in the late 17th century. it was placed on the chair by a dude named thomas busby after he murdered its former owner (because they sat in the chair … it was busby’s favourite chair) and shouted “anyone that sits in my favourite chair shall die” just before being hanged.

apparently, the curse stuck – soon after sitting in the chair, people always come to some untimely end 😦

the chair is still on display within the inn that the murder took place but, due to people being so worried about the curse, it is suspended five feet off the floor to stop people sitting in it.

you can read the more indepth version of busby’s chair ->here<-

now, i’m not really one for superstitions … but you never know! maybe the two chairs are actually cursed … i know that i won’t be sitting in them any time soon 😂

very different today 🤔 … i hope that you enjoyed!

byeeeee 💪🏻 #tdil


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(picture time! the header is ->here<-, image two is ->here<- and image one is ->here<-)

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