today i learned – sun 10th june 2018

somehow, we’re back to food again 🙄 anyway … love chicken nuggets? well, this one is for you 😏

#tdil that a uk restaurant chain named ‘rub’ serves something called ‘nugzilla’ 😱

yes, it is as epic as it sounds 😍 move aside my usual order of 20 nuggs … this leviathan is a 1.5kg monster nugget 🐔 (served with fries 🍟 of course 💁🏻‍♂️)

need some context as to exactly how big that actually is? well, to eat the equivalent amount of chicken goodness in normal sized chicken nuggs, you’d need a helping of around 85! 😱

according to their website (->here<-) nugzilla has been known to not only beat individuals but also couples 🙈 … so, you know, it’s pretty darn large!

if, however, you do think that you can beat the beast on your lonesome 💪🏻 rub do a nugzilla challenge where you have to not only finish it … but finish it within a time limit! 😳

that said, if you do manage to beat the 6 minute 20 second record time, then you win £600 in rub vouchers (enough to buy another 20 nugzilla beasts 🦖) and you’ll be added to the rub wall of fame 🙌🏻

fancy it? well, the rules are ->here<- … rub restaurants can be found in nottingham, beverley and birmingham 👍🏻

if i’m honest, i feel like this might be a two-parter … because i’m 100% going to rub to try a nugzilla 😍 watch this space!

peace 😜 #tdil


we really need to stray from these food facts 😂 feel like reading more? just take a look ->here<-

(the one image that i used (pictures of actual nuggets are surprisingly hard to find 🙄) can be found ->here<-)

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