today i learned – sat 9th june 2018

i’ll be honest, this one is kinda old news … however, when i read it, it reminded me of something from a film 🙈

#tdil three brits once got trapped on the roof of their van after a croc infested river overflowed and surrounded them! 😱

how mental is that?! 😳 one minute you’re having a lovely sleep and the next you have super chilly (croc filled 🐊) water nipping at your ankles 🙈

of course, this occurred in australia 🙌🏻 (where else would it happen?!) more precisely, it occurred in queensland … and the river that flooded was known to be home to a lot of very hungry and very large salt water crocodiles 🦖

(by ‘large’ i mean that some of the salties have been measured at around 7m in length 😭)

the unfortunate event took place back in feb and was mainly due to bad timing on the travellers’ parts 😅 you see, other travellers had been warned of the flood risk but left just before the brits rolled in 🙈

meaning that the unaware trio got caught out and ended up spending the night sat on the top of their van with 100m between them and dry land 😳

luckily, none of the peeps decided to swim for it (bad idea!) and they were all rescued the next day 👍🏻

doesn’t it just sound like some kind of budget horror film? 😅 in fact, wasn’t there a film like this but about sharks?! 😱

cya! 🤔 #tdil


good times had by all! 👍🏻 fancy reading something else equally random? just waddle over ->here<-

(image license time! header is ->here<-, picture one ->here<- and picture two ->here<-)

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