today i learned – fri 8th june 2018

after saying this many many times, i think that i may have finally found the greatest sport ever in the history of the world! 😏

#tdil that there is such a thing as ‘barbie jeep downhill racing’ 😂 … and it’s glorious! 😍

as extreme sports go, this one is certainly a bit nuts 🙈 just imagine the red bull soapbox race mixed with that mental sport where peeps chase cheese down a hill 😅

the result is a fantastic blend of engineless cars and humans being flung down a hill with zero control 😂

the event is apparently held by ‘rednecks with paychecks’ in saint jo, texas … which is an equally incredible name! 😏

you know, there’s really not much else to say … you’ve pretty much got to experience this to appreciate it 😂🙈

fantastic isn’t it? 😎

anyway, that’s us done for today! just a short one for a change 😄

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


have you by any chance got bored of watching that video over and over again? 🙈 why not read something else ->here<-

(picture time! the header is a grab from the video and the second image is ->here<-)

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