today i learned – tues 5th june 2018 😱 i don’t care if i’m still a kid … i need this lego technic masterpiece in my life! 😍

#tdil that the new bugatti chiron lego technic set has now been released 🙌🏻

i think this probably goes without saying, but i feel i should point out that this is not a sponsored post 😂 (as much as i want it to be🙄)

anyway, i’ve been excited about this amazing lego version of the chiron ever since it was announced a little while ago 👍🏻 who wouldn’t be excited about a 1:8 scale supercar that you build yourself?!

not sold? 🙄 what if i told you that you get to build literally everything – the entire w16 engine assembly, suspension, gearbox … literally everything! it even has moving pistons within the engine 😱

as you can imagine, that level of detail means that the set is pretty vast 🙈 like, it actually includes 3,599 pieces 😳 … it’s one of those lego sets that’d take a little while to put together 👍🏻 who doesn’t love a set like that?! ♥️

the result (for better context than just ‘1:8 scale’) is a 5″ high, 22″ long and 9″ wide model of bugatti’s mental new chiron hypercar 🙌🏻

now, there is one problem with this set 🙄 – the price 😕 as anyone that has ever bought lego will know, it’s hella expensive … even when buying little tiny sets 😢

that fact means that this monster technic set comes with a price tag of £329.99 😭 #awks 😭 granted, it’s a lot cheaper than the actual €2.4million car … but it’s still way too expensive for life 😢

if you do happen to get the cash together 💰, however, you can pick one of these beasts up from lego stores now or other retailers from 1st august 👍🏻 … or just go buy it ->here<-

it’s awesome, isn’t it? 😏 and, if lego feel like pretending i have an actual successful blog and send me one for free, i’d happily share it with y’all proper 😂 #sellout

until then, that’s us done 🤷🏻‍♂️

peace 😘 #tdil


think we’ve only had one other lego fact on the blog, so this was fun 😄 fancy reading more stuff? just go ->here<-

(all pictures today came from lego’s press site ->here<-)

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