today i learned – mon 4th june 2018

i’ve a feeling i might be about to ruin a few childhood dreams with this one 🙈

turns out, it’s really hard to be a treasure hunting pirate these days 🙄

#tdil all about the red tape that surrounds underwater treasure hunting 😅

we’ve all been there … like, who wouldn’t want to be captain jack sparrow or lara croft or that dude from uncharted?! 😱

unfortunately, it’s apparently really hard to be a modern day treasure hunter because of all the boring red tape that surrounds the ownership of treasure 🙄 #ugh

so, unlike what you may have thought, the whole ‘finders keepers’ thing doesn’t seem to work if you find a sunken ship 😕 instead, there are three different ways that ownership can be attributed to other countries or companies 👎🏻

to start, even if the ship sank hundreds of years ago, the company that own the ship can still claim the treasure as their own … as they’re technically still the owners 🤷🏻‍♂️

the second thing is all about who owns the waters where the boat is found … you find a ship in spanish waters, then it can be argued that the treasure belongs to spain ⚓️

the third thing all depends on where the treasure itself originally came from … like, where it was made. that country can technically also claim ownership over the treasure 🙄

basically, if you find some treasure, legal battles from all over the place could ruin your day 😭

that said, if you want to be a legit old school pirate or lara croft type, i guess you wouldn’t declare to the proper channels that you had actually found any treasure 😂

but yeah, if you did want to know … those just some things that could take your treasure away 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe you have an old sunken ship in your ancestry and are now owed like £82693649575284 😱 you should probably go find out 😅

that’s us for today peeps! 😘

in a biz 👍🏻 #tdil


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