today i learned – sun 3rd june 2018

i’ve a feeling that this might be another short one today 😅 it’s based around an amazing video 🙌🏻

#tdil that there is a basement room in a chernobyl hospital that is mad radioactive due to some clothes! 👕

now, you may be wondering how on earth some clothes could make this particular room on of the most radioactive in the world 🤔

well, the room in question is situated in the basement of the pripyat hospital and it contains all of the clothing worn by the firefighters and first responders of the chernobyl disaster 😢

those brave dudes and (i believe dudettes) well and truly gave their lives so that people like us could literally stay alive … like, without their extreme exposure to radiation, parts of europe and kiev wouldn’t exist anymore!

honestly, the room is both highly saddening but also amazing … and i learned all about it through an urban explorer by the name of exploring with josh 🙌🏻

i’ve been watching josh’s videos for the longest time and highly recommend that you take the time to watch this one!

anyway, that’s us done for today 😏 enjoy that video peeps!

bye 😍 #tdil


hopefully you enjoyed today’s little fact 😘 if you feel the need for more … just take a gander over ->here<-

(picture time! the header is ->here<- and the other image is ->here<-)

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