today i learned – fri 1st june 2018

we’ve been on a food fact binge recently … but you guys seem to love it 🤷🏻‍♂️ so let’s continue! 😏

#tdil that tomato ketchup used to be used a as a medicine! 🍟

you know, my research actually taught me that tomato ketchup has had a rollercoaster of an existence 🙈 like, at first, tomatoes were considered poisonous (so ketchup was made from other veg), then it was considered medicine and now it’s something you throw on ya chips! 😂

so yeah, a rollercoaster of emotions! 🙈 (you can read where i learned that ->here<-). anyway, to the fact in hand – the whole medicine thing 👨🏼‍🔬

as i mentioned, tomatoes were originally considered poisonous 🍅 meaning that ketchup was made with mushrooms and stuff like that.

in 1834, however, a dude named dr.john cooke bennett added tomatoes to ketchup after claiming that they could cure multiple different stomach issues 🤢

there is, of course, a twist 😅 … unlike the ketchup that you’re used to, the original ketchup that dr.bennett sold was in pill form! it was sold by dr.bennett and pill salesman, archibald miles.

the problem, however, was that everyone decided to copy them … claiming that their tomato ketchup pills could cure literally everything! 🙄

for that reason, the ketchup medicine trade kinda just collapsed in 1850 😢 … luckily, that was around the time that tomato ketchup started to be sold as a condiment by farmers

🙌🏻fun times, hey 😏 a random, good old, condiment fact 😂

laters 👋🏻 #tdil


as random facts go, this one is pretty up there 😂 fancy something a little better? just take a gander ->here<-

(image time! header is ->here<-, image one ->here<- and image two ->here<-)

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