today i learned – weds 30th may 2018

today we’re mythbusting a chocolate fact … which is ideal because chocolate 😍

#tdil contrary to popular belief, the river in the original charlie and the chocolate factory was not real chocolate

i’ll be honest, this fact has been an emotional rollercoaster … like, ten minutes ago, i thought that the river in the hit film was made of real choccy (there are lots of news articles supporting that!) 😱

however, after some further research, i’ve found that the river was mainly just water with food colouring … there was some cocoa powder in it but it failed to thicken it enough πŸ™„

this is supported by the fact that michael bollner (the dude that played augustus gloop) said the river tasted grim … well, his exact word was ‘disgusting’

so yeah, despite loads of people saying that the river was real life choccy … it really wasn’t #heartbreak πŸ’”

interestingly though, it is true that the director didn’t let any of the stars see the chocolate room before filming … so that their reactions were as real as possible

anyway, that’s another short one today … nad busy at the moment. Back to normal tomorrow though!

laters πŸ‘‹πŸ» #tdil


love a good choccy fact (well, just love choccy to be honest). fancy a non-food fact? just look ->here<-

(images are as follows … header is ->here<-, picture one ->here<- and picture two ->here<-)

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