today i learned – mon 28th may 2018

you know how i sometimes tell you that i’ve watched something mind-blowing on youtube and you need to see it? yes, this is one of those!

today though, it’s all about outrageous adventure videos that will actually melt your brain box 🤯

#tdil that a dude once put himself in a pair of garden tubs and floated his way to france 😱

yeah, you read that correctly … the dude in charge of the youtube channel ‘killem’ (i think his name is tom?) once taped himself inside some garden tubs and plonked himself in the ocean.

that’s the video just there ^^ and it’s genuinely mental. with that in mind though, it’s not the only crazy thing that he’s done!!

looking through his vids, you’ll also see that he has posted himself as air mail to the states, crossed the channel in a zorb ball, slept in a bed of playdoh … the list goes on!

honestly, once you’ve watched one video, you won’t be able to stop! it’s properly captivating to watch his mental adventures … like, at points, i was even feeling like i just needed to open the box he was in to get some air!

this is another short post … but that’s just because i want you to go forth and enjoy his stuff … go watch it ->here<-

laters! #tdil


love a good video post (mainly because i live on youtube) … but if it isn’t your thing, go read some cool stuff ->here<-

(mainly used vids today … but the header is ->here<-)

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