today i learned – sun 27th may 2018

you know how the modern world is all about convinience (and being lazy)? well, volvo just made your life even easier! 😱

#tdil that you will soon be able to test drive volvos through amazon prime now

ok, i guess it only makes your life easier if you want a volvo … but it basically means that you will soon be able to organise a volvo test drive without even leaving your sofa! 😏

to begin, the service will only be offered in a few cities over a few weekends in june/july and only offers the v40 hatchback … but, just think, if they launched this and buy online, you’d never have to go to a dealership ever again!

“but how does it actually work?” i hear you shout. well, you basically just jump on amazon, decide what car you want to drive and when, drop them your home address and then wait for the car to be delivered #simple

i think that’s everything for today … don’t really have much else to say! regardless, how awesome is that?! i want to have a go!

byeeeee 🚘 #tdil


i enjoyed this one today fancy reading some more goodness? just take a look over ->here<-

(all of those images came from volvo press … they can be found ->here<-)

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