today i learned – sat 26th may 2018

ok, you’re going to have to bear with me today … this one could go either way but should still be interesting! 🙈

#tdil the reason why you should never get in a car in the event of a nearby nuclear explosion

see, i told you to bear with me! … anyway, you may think that the reasons for not getting in your car could be really bad and sciencey – i was thinking things like “suffer from enhanced radation in car” or something along those lines 🤔

whilst it does transpire that car’s offer zero protecion against nuclear fallout … this is where the article surprised and gripped me (and the reason why i’ve added this to the blog!) 😱

the first reason that the author lists is simply that everyone will jump in their car and insumountable traffic will build up and gridlock every single road! 😳

how beautifully simple is that!? like, it seems pretty obvious (just look at war of the worlds … the tom cruise one) but it’s something that i’ve never really considered – mainly because it is so obvious.

i’m pretty sure that, in the event of trumpo/kim jong fun deciding to make a large explosion, i’d go straight for the car to escape as quickly as possible 🚘

in reality, diving straight for the car would just result in sitting in gridlocked traffic whilst soaking up some lovely radiation … go for a walk people!

not sure what i make of this post i guess that, if you take nothing else from it, maybe it’ll pop into your head if the worst was to happen one day! (hopefully it’s knowledge that won’t be needed!)

if you fancy reading the original article … it’s ->here<-

right, i’m off lol

later 😜 #tdil


this was a weird one today fancy something a bit more normal? just have a look over ->here<-

(image time again! the header is ->here<-, image one is ->here<- and image two is ->here<-)

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