today i learned – fri 25th may 2018

have you ever been on a lovely summer walk only to have it rudely interuppted by a sudden and surprise brushing of your leg on a stinging nettle? 🙄

i’ve always been told to dive for the closest dock leaf … but does it actually help? 🤔

#tdil how dock leaves help to relieve the pain of a good ole nettle sting

so, i guess we should begin with understanding how nettles actually sting you in the first place! like many a medieval tale, t’s all down to poison 😳

as you may have noticed, nettles leaves are covered in tiny hairs – these are actually hollow pointed cells that are tipped with pure silica. when you brush against them, they inject irratants – usually formic acid and histamines – into the skin.

it’s these lovely chemicals that cause the itching and redness etc that you experience when you get stung 😢

that’s where dock leaves come in 💪🏻 … you see, it is said that rubbing a dock leaf on the affected (effected? 🤔) area releases the dock leave’s sap on the area and helps to soothe pain.

whilst no one is 100% certain how it helps, people tend to think that the sap evaportating from the skin has a surface cooling effect …

there’s also a theory that the dock leaf sap could contain an antihistamine that reduces irritation … but scientists haven’t confirmed that 👨🏼‍🔬

what they have confirmed, however, is that the theory that dock leaf sap is an alkaline that neutralises nettle acid isn’t correct … appaz dock leaf sap is also acid #awks 😅

of course, there’s also the chance that it’s all just a placebo that has built up over the years … either way, at least it works!

anyway, i think that’ll do us for today! who knew that you could write so much about dock leaves and nettles?!

peace 🙌🏻 #tdil


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(image licenses! the header is ->here<-, picture one is ->here<- and picture two is ->here<-)

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