today i learned – thurs 24th may 2018

we’re adulting again today … time for  more talk about the government and pollution and stuff 😅

#tdil the government are going to crack down on pollution given off by tyres and brakes

now, even as a car person, i’d never given this a second thought … like, outside of drift events and racing tracks, i’ve never thought about what tyres and brakes must give off đŸ€”.

it turns out that some clever people at in the government/autoexpress have đŸ‘đŸ». for that reason, the new focus of the government’s clean air strategy moves away from exhaust emissions to target this new enemy.

but exactly what emissions do tyres and brakes even give off? they can’t be that bad!? well, apparently it isn’t the amount that’s the problem – it’s the size that’s the issue.

you see, pm2.5 emissions (particulates given off through the wear of tyres and brakes) are really really tiny … they’re literally thinner than a single human hair. for that reason, they can easily get through your many defenses and settle deep in your lungs #scary 😳

now, where it was easy to stop exhaust emissions (just ban the fuels that pollute!) it’s much harder to stop these … like, unless you have an electric tank on tracks, even your leccy car is contributing.

so, how on earth do we fight it? the solution sits within the research of new materials for tyres and brakes that don’t wear as much – bosch have already made a new brake disc called the ‘idisc brake’ that emits 90% less bad stuff than normal iron discs.

to be honest, it’s still early days and no one really has a solution 🙈 … i just found it interesting that this was a thing that the government were going to crack down on …

at least flying cars will be coming soon 😏

peace #tdil


fairly pointless but informative today! fancy something a bit more fun? take a wander over ->here<-

(image license time again! the header is ->here<-, picture one ->here<- and picture two ->here<-) 

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