today i learned – weds 23rd may 2018

when you’re on a plane ✈️, have you ever wondered why you have to have the blinds open for take-off and landing? 🤔 well …

#tdil that keeping airplane blinds open for take-off and landing is for more than just admiring the scenery 🛫

the above has always baffled me 🙈 i simply don’t see the correlation between a pilot’s ability to fly a plane and the position of your window shade 😂 (although, i did find some interesting theories that the reason was so that you know when to expect the jolt of landing)

turns out that it isn’t to do with the above … it’s actually a pretty important thing when it comes to your safety in a plane crash! 🤯 that’s right, having your blind opening could be super important if take-off/landing goes wrong 😱

“how?” i hear you ask 🤔 … well, in the event of an emergency evacuation of a plane, the crew on the plane have literally a matter of minutes to get y’all off the plane safely 🛩

having the window blind open allows the crew and emergency teams on the ground see into the cabin easily 👍🏻 so, if you get stuck on the plane/trapped/injured/etc they can easily see you in the window and rescue you! 💺

but wait, there’s more! 😳 having the blinds open allows passengers and crew to see outside easily … which means that, if there happened to be a problem with the aircraft (wings/engines/etc) someone is likely to see and report it 😏

basically, during take-off and landing, you become part of the aircraft’s staff! 👀 to be honest, it does make perfect sense … think how many pairs of eyes there are on the aircraft during take-off and landing 🙌🏻

and that’s that for today! turns out that keeping your blind open is actually pretty darn important 🙈 who’d have thought it!? 😱

laters 😍 #tdil


how very interesting! 😏 fancy learning more fun things? just take a look over ->here<-

(image time! the header is ->here<-, image one is ->here<- and image two is ->here<-)

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