today i learned – sun 20th may 2018

right, straight into it today … personally, i think we’re diving into the realms of lunacy … but i’m curious what you guys think! 😅

#tdil all about the sexuality expert that thinks parents should seek consent from babies before changing their nappy 🤦🏻‍♂️

yep, you read that correctly – deanne carson of sexuality expert fame told abc news that consent should be required before changing a child’s nappy 😳 #umwhat

now, deanne does admit that she doesn’t expect a new born baby to respond to the question with “hella yeah! lets get this done 😎” … but she does say that they will be able to show you body language and eye contact prompts 😅

deanne’s aim is basically to create a culture of consent that empowers children of all ages … that said, the idea of having to ask babies (from birth) for permission to change their nappies is ludicrous! what’s next … consent forms?

you know, i totally get that teaching the small ones all about consent is 100% important, so is preventing sexual abuse … that’s literally super important … but, for me, this just isn’t the way 🙈

soz deanna, please keep doing the important work preventing and teaching the above … but on this occasion, you kinda missed the bullseye 😅

what are you thoughts on this? i want to know what you think below!

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


enjoyed having something different today … current affairs ones are always fun 🙌🏻 fancy reading some fun facts? just go ->here<-

(only a header image today 😊 the license is ->here<- … i’ve included an australian news report and daz’s reaction video 👍🏻 mainly because i like daz and have no headphones to check any other news reports!#publictransport)

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