today i learned – sat 19th may 2018

ever fancied owning your own country? 😏 these dudes did … so, you know, they just went and did it 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil all about the micronation named ‘sealand’ 🙌🏻now, whilst it may sound a bit like a skegness version of seaworld (#ew #boycottseaworld) it’s literally nothing to do with it 😂 instead, it’s actually a tiny country based on a ww2 anti-aircraft platform! 😱

you see, back during the second world war, britain started building forts in the north sea to protect against the german’s 🙄 … some of those forts happened to be built in international waters … that’s not allowed 😅

anyway, these forts were abandoned in the ’50s 👍🏻. in the sixties, a major in the british army named roy bates established a radio station on one these towers that happened to be in international waters … it was one of those ‘pirate’ radio stations 😎

what followed appears to be lots and lots of legal battles, in which roy argued with the british as to whom the fortress belonged 🤷🏻‍♂️ long story short – in 1967, roy declared the fortress island ‘the principality of sealand’ 😏 … an independent state!

more rough times followed, as the british had mega issues with the new principality that lay just off their shores 🙈 … as such, it was ordered that all other fortresses be destroyed! sealand was very close to coming under fire itself 😢

eventually, roy was summoned to court to discuss (argue) all about it 🙄. eventually, however, the judge called upon 17th century law and recognised that the uk had zero jurisdiction in sealand 😉 huzzah! sealand was now a legit independant principality 😜

to this day, it still is 😱 you can become a lord/lady etc and everything 😏 it costs … but it’s pretty cool nonetheless! 😎 you should go have a gander ->here<-

i actually decided to write about this because i had no idea that it existed so close to home! i want my own island 😱

anyway, enjoy your evening 😘

byeee 😍 #tdil


woooooo, another fun fact about crazy stuff! fancy learning more? take a gander over ->here<-

(pictures were hard tocome by, so i had to improvise 🙄 the image is ->here<-)

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