today i learned – tues 15th may 2018

today we’re combining two fantastic things – china and food 🙌🏻 … yep, prepare for a slightly surreal one 🙈

#tdil that bird spit is a delicacy in china 😳

i know, i know … you’re probably sat there saying to yourself “jeez, the chinese really will eat anything” 🙈 for once, i can’t actually argue 😂

now, i should probably make the point that this delicacy isn’t just taking a grim bottle of bird saliva and having a sip 😷 instead, it’s actually eating the nests of swiftlets … these nests are made from their solidified saliva 😶

the nests are actually massively sought after! like, one kilogram of naturally formed swiftlets’ nest can cost as much as £1,800 … if not more! 😱 actually mental 🙈

you can buy them cheaper if they’ve been grown at a nest farm with human intervention 👍🏻 (still not sure why you’d want to 🙃)

anyway, you’re probably now asking – “why on earth is a nest made of bird spit worth so much ££?!” 🤔 well, apparently it has health benefits 🤷🏻‍♂️ amongst the benefits, you’ll find improved digestion, improved immune system and raised libido 🙈

fancy those heath benefits but don’t want to nom down on a hardcore bird’s nest? no bother, you can find it mixed in soup, coffee, skin care products and even sweets! 🍬

that said, it’s super expensive (as we saw earlier) … so if you want some bird’s nest soup, expect to pay out up to £70! 😅

anyway, i think that’s us done 🙈 i’ll be honest, i’m not overly sure why you’d want to eat saliva bird’s nest 🤷🏻‍♂️ it also seems pretty mean to take the swiftlets’ nest away! it must take a load of saliva and effort!? 🙄

right, i’m out 👌🏻 #tdil


woooooooo, another random food fact! love a food fact from far away 😏 fancy reading more stuff? just take a gander over ->here<-

(picture time! header is ->here<-, picture one ->here<- and picture two ->here<- … just so you know, i’m not sure either ofthose nests are the right kind 😅)

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