today i learned – tues 1st may 2018

whilst i may have found this out totally by accident, i might be about to make your life 30000x easier 😏

#tdil you can share your wifi password with your mates just by holding your iphones next to each other 📱

is there anything worse than having your mates over and having to get the wireless password off the back of the router 🙄 i mean, for most of us, it requires a weird kind of yoga movement 🙈

well, it turns out that apple have made this super easy for us in ios11 🙌🏻 #cheersguys (you’ll both need ios11 😅)

here’s how it’s done 😏 –

  1. open settings on the device you want to connect and head into the wi-fi section.
  2. under network, select the network that you want.
  3. hold your phone (that’s already connected to that network) next to the other iphone.
  4. a message will pop up on your iphone asking if you want to share the password to the wireless network with the other phone.
  5. press yes and bob’s your uncle! the other iphone will now be sent the wireless password and will join the network! 😎

#winning 🙌🏻

how actually amazing is that?! 😱 like, no more punching in horrendously long passwords multiple times 😏

you gotta love apple sometimes 🍏 that’s actually us done for today 🤷🏻‍♂️ arguably still one of the most informative posts we’ve ever had 😂

bye bye 🤓 #tdil


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(picture license time again 🤩 the header is ->here<-, picture one is ->here<- and picture two is ->here<-)

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