today i learned – sat 28th apr 2018

have you ever looked at a plane and thought ‘omg! a gorilla is flying that plane?! 😱’

no? well, you’ve obviously never seen the us testing a new top secret jet 😏

#tdil the test pilot for the first american jet fighter, always dressed as a gorilla for test flights 😂

yep, it’s pretty ridiculous … but it’s god darn fantastic 🙈 it’s also totally true, which just makes it even better in my opinion 😁

the dude’s name was jack woolams … he was the chief test pilot for the super top secret bell p59 airacomet jet fighter 🛩 like, it was a project so top secret that engineers would stick a fake wooden propellor on the front whilst the plane taxied on the ground!

wondering where the gorilla suit plays into this? well, you can’t really keep a fake wooden propellor on the front of a super fast fighter whilst it’s zipping around in the sky at stupid speeds 🤷🏻‍♂️

so, jack opted to instead dress up in a halloween gorilla outfit to confuse other pilots and to make their radio messages unbelievable 😂

like, when these other pilots radioed back to say they’ve seen a plane with no propellor flying around super quickly with a gorilla at the controls 🦍 … no one believed them!

if you think about it, at the time, just the fact a plane was flying without a propellor was unbelievable enough 🙈 so you can imagine how it went down when someone said they’d seen a gorilla flying a plane 😆

that’s us for today peeps! how darn wonderful was this fact?! 😂 i wonder if the usaf still opt for the same tactic? 🙈

in a bit 😘 #tdil


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(image time 🙌🏻 the header is ->here<-, the first image is ->here<- and the second ->here<-)

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