today i learned – tues 24th apr 2018

do you think that you’ve had a really boring day? 🤔

well, apparently it wasn’t as bad as the most boring day in history (yes, someone actually did the work to find out 🙈)

#tdil the most boring day in history was 11th april 1954 😢

i genuinely never knew that someone had actually sat down and figured out what the most boring day ever 😅 (to be honest, they were possibly having the actual most boring day ever 😂)

anyway, apparently a scientist called william tunstall-pedoe, who worked at a search engine project called ‘true knowledge’ did the math.

a project that collects facts (more than 300 million 😱 … just a couple more than this blog 💁🏻‍♂️), true knowledge found out that literally only three things actually happened on that day 😅

what were they? well, a general election happened in belgium, an academic was born in turkey and footballer jack shufflebotham died 😢 (it seems mean to call it the most boring day ever when you consider that last one 🙄)

to be honest, it does sound like a pretty slow news day … but at the same time, i can name some pretty darn boring days 🙈

anyway, that’s us done today people! Pretty boring fact today to be honest 😂

bye! 😳 #tdil


wooo! another fact done! 😏 feel like reading something actually interesting? take a look ->here<-

(it’s image time again! 🙄 picture one is ->here<-, two ->here<- and the header ->here<-)

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