today i learned – mon 23rd apr 2018

stumbled across this one … which is good terminology the subject 😂

that’s because this post is all about pubs 😏 more specifically, wetherspoons 🍺

#tdil the reason why jd wetherspoons is called … well, jd wetherspoons 🍻

you may think that the name is just the name of the company’s ceo … you would be wrong 😅 his name is tim martin … quite different than jd wetherspoon 🙈

the two parts of the name actually have two different origins – the second is my fave! 😏

but, let’s start at the beginning 😁 the jd actually comes from that good ole telly show the dukes of hazzard 🚗 you may recall that there was a dude called jd ‘boss’ hogg.

my favourite part is the wetherspoons bit … because it’s a massive two fingers to one of tim’s school teachers ✌🏻 (there’s not an emoji t’other way round … plus keep it family rated 😘)

so yeah, tim’s geography teacher was called mr.wetherspoon … he once told tim that he’d never amount to anything 🙈😢 i guess that almost 1000 pubs later, you could say tim didn’t really need the two fingers up anyway! 😂

and there you go … pretty short but deffo perfect pub quiz fodder (maybe even wetherspoons pub quiz fodder 😉)

have a good night!

bye! 😝 #tdil


interesting that, wasn’t it 😏 fancy learning some more fun stuff? just take a look over ->here<-

(picture time again! the header is ->here<-, picture one ->here<- and picture two ->here<-)

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