today i learned – sun 22nd apr 2018

have you ever wanted to go full sci-fi and live inside a simulation? 🤔 you could be in luck 😏

sound more like a futuristic film than real life? possibly not for much longer 😳

#tdil a new startup company wants to upload your brain to the cloud ☁️

yep, you read that correctly … a company called ‘nectome’ wants to upload your brain to the cloud in real life for later use in a computer simulation 💻

how mental is that?! 🙈 whilst it may sound a bit far fetched, according to nectome cofounder robert mcintyre, it isn’t.

you see, nectome say that they have a super special way of preserving brain cells through a high-tech embalming process 👍🏻

basically, they fill you with super special embalming chemicals that preserve your body and brain for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years … the idea being that future docs will be able to upload your preserved brain to a mental simulation.

now, you may be thinking that people have tried this lots of times before … like, some peeps have already been cryogenically frozen, what’s so different here? 🤷🏻‍♂️

according to some scientists, there’s a possibility that cryogenics actually damage brain tissue … appaz this new chemical doesn’t 😏 instead, it preserves the brain to the nanometer level 🙌🏻

are you sold yet? unfortunately there are a couple of drawbacks 🙄 firstly, there’s quite a long ‘prospective customer’ waiting list 😅 and then, once you get to the top of the list, there’s a $10,000 deposit (fully refundable if you change your mind)

oh yeah, there’s one last drawback … the process is 100% fatal ☠️ #awks. yeahhh, you ‘can’ possibly be uploaded to the cloud one day … but it does mean you have to die beforehand 😅

there’s no way around it either – the process needs a fresh brain in order for it to work … fresh brain meaning ‘alive’ 🙈

so yeah, swings and roundabouts really 🤷🏻‍♂️ don’t worry, nectome are still going through the legal system to actually allow them to start embalming peeps, so you still have time to decide 😘

the world is a scary place and i’m not sure i actually like it anymore 🙈😂

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


i’m not sure what to say about this sci-fi mess 😅 so, why not just go ->here<- to read more useless facts?

(image time! picture one is ->here<-, two is ->here<-, three ->here<- and the header ->here<-)

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