today i learned – sat 21st apr 2018

alright peeps, we’re going to get all political today 🤓

well, kinda … we’re going to get political is a surreal (slightly hilarious) way 😂

#tdil a dude wearing a welly on his head, promising free ponies for all, once ran to be president 😂

i know it sounds mental … because it is 🙈 but in 2016, a dude called ‘vermin love supreme’ (wearing a wellington boot on his head and holding a giant toothbrush) tried to be prezzo 😅

sound like your kind of dude? 🧙🏻‍♂️ well, his policies were even better! 🙈 as a starting point … he promised free ponies for all americans 🐴

like, he wants ponies literally everywhere! even when asked how he’d beat isis he responded ‘with pony bombs, pony tanks, pony drones, pony soldiers” 😳

what else? he also wants to ensure sufficient plans are in place for a zombie invasion (he actually plans to use some zombies for energy creation … so that the us doesn’t need as much oil 🙈) and has promised to look into time travel 👍🏻

possibly the most important policy, however … his mandatory toothbrushing law! yep, with vermin supreme in charge, it’d be law to brush your teeth! 😬

how on earth did the us end up with trump as prezzo?! 🤔 like, vermin supreme actually didn’t do too badly! 🙈 he even beat some republican candidates 😂

either way, british politics is soooo much duller than the states 😅🙈

right, i think that’s enough internet for one day 💻

au revoir 😅 #tdil


what a surreal turn of events 😂 fancy reading something with a bit more sanity? go take a look ->here<-

(you can only really appreciate vermin supreme in video format 🙈 so i’ve only used one picture … license is ->here<-)

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