today i learned – thurs 19th apr 2018

this fact blew my mind a little bit 🤯 it’s another one of those insane science facts 😏

prepare to be amazed! 🤓 (and find out how to lose weight instantly 😜)

#tdil that you weight around 0.5% less when you stand on the equator 😱🌍

i literally adore science … mainly because it tends to ‘do an inception’ and often make my mind explode a bit 🙈

anyway, on with the fact! the reason for this sudden weight loss is that there’s less gravity at the equator … meaning that the planet exerts less pull on you 🙌🏻

why is there less gravity at the equator? well, the earth has a slight bulge at the equator due to the planet’s rotation 🌍 this creates an uneven gravitational field.

but yeah, basically, there’s less gravitational pull on you because you’re further from the earth’s core 🔥 due to the planet having a bit of a belly 🙈

you probably shouldn’t use this fact as a means of quitting your diet and moving to the equator though 😅 0.5% translates to less than a pound for anyone that weighs less than 200 pounds 🙈 #awks

fun time, hey!? 😏 if you fancy losing a minimal amount of weight very quickly, just take your weight whilst stood on the equator!

laterz taterz 😉 #tdil


this was a fun time 😁 we should do this again sometime 😉 you fancy doing it right now? 😱 just go ->here<-

(image license time! picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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