today i learned – weds 18th apr 2018

if i’m honest, today’s post is more of a ‘today i remembered’ 🤷🏻‍♂️

but, i adore this fact and feel like the world needs it in their lives 😏 plus, there’s a video, so …

#tdil that there is a professional drifter that has no arms and therefore drives with his feet! 🏎

now, as a fake drifter, i have no end of respect for all amateur and pro drifters … but this dude definitely wins 😱

his name is bartosz ostalowska and he’s a polish drifter that lost his arms in a terrible accident in 2006 😢 did that stop him going out and getting his skid on though? nope 😏

instead of giving up all hope and being sad, bartosz found himself using his left foot to steer the car and his right foot to do everything else 😳

so yeah, he now uses a specially modified nissan skyline r34 that is equipped with an ls v8 engine and an automatic gearbox 👍🏻 to do some seriously good skids 🙌🏻

that’s all i really have to say on the matter … this post is more about the videos! 🤷🏻‍♂️ how inspiring is bartosz though?! like, if you ever feel like you can’t do something … do it anyway 😉 (unless it’s flying without some form of flying device 😅)

anyhew, have a good night people 😄

peace 🙂 #tdil


feeling suitably inspired? 💪🏻 well, why not take a gander through some more sick facts about all the things ->here<-?

(so, we didn’t actually use any images in he actual post today 🙌🏻 … the header is ->here<- 👍🏻)

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