today i learned – sat 14th apr 2018

i actually really like today’s fact … like, it’s a lesson in tolerance and shizz πŸ™ŒπŸ»

it’s also something thought up by the peeps of norway … which is cool 😎

#tdil that the norweigans often send their kiddies to fake refugee camps 😳

now, let’s get something straight – this isn’t parents just deciding that they don’t want their kids anymore πŸ™ˆ nope, it’s a refugee experience camp 😏

it’s called ‘camp refugee’ and it’s based out in the countryside of norway. what’s the aim of the camp? teach children what it’s like for refugees fleeing from sudan to norway 😒

on arrival, the kids have to avoid border patrol cars by diving in ditches whilst aiming to arrive at a united nations border (manned by volunteers).

once they arrive, they’re given a passport that notes their new sudanese identity, food rations (rice 🍚), water and they’re told where they shall sleep and go to the loo.

whilst in the camp, they’re not allowed electronic devices, watches, mobile phones πŸ“± … all they have is their backpack, sleeping bag and warm jackets 🧣

they then just sit around and wait to be accepted into the country … whilst that sounds easy, it really isn’t πŸ™ˆ it’s a long and horrible experience 😒 (to read a first hand experience go ->here<-)

i really like this idea! in a world seemingly filled with intolerance when it comes to immigration … it’s nice that kids are being shown what it’s actually like for the poor peeps that have to flee their country 😭

anyway, that’s us done today! have a good evening 😁

much love β™₯️ #tdil


i like this fact goodness 😏 we need more stuff like this 😘 anyway, if you want more fact fun, go ->here<-

(image license time! header is ->here<-, the first image is ->here<- and the second one is ->here<-)

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