today i learned – thurs 12th apr 2018

have you ever watched a youtube show named mighty car mods? 🔰

no? this fact possibly isn’t for you 🙈 you should deffo go watch right now though!

#tdil the boys from mcm are starting a new business … a restaurant to be exact! 😳

yeah, i didn’t see that one coming either! like, why would two ozzies that modify japanese cars start a restaurant?! 😱 its a bigger surprise than … well, something that’s a big surprise 😂

anyway, they’ve called their new endeavour ‘wishbone’ #becausecarparts 😏 … and, instead of taking to the kitchen themselves, marty and moog have teamed up with renowned sydney based chef, gregory llewellyn 👨🏼‍🍳

if you’re a fan of the show and the spin off (the unicorn circuit 🦄) then you’ll possibly be questioning the food that they’ll actually serve … you know, because they have a whole segment dedicated to super weird food from across the internet 😂

well, apparently they’re aiming for us-themed comfort food … think southern fried chicken and stuff like that 🐔 (deffo safer than some of the questionable japanese goodness they’ve had on the show! 😅)

final detail … the restaurant can be found at 125 enmore road, enmore, sydney and isn’t entirely car based … you know, except for the tables held up by suspension and things like that 😏

anyway, i think that’ll probably do it for this post on a mighty car mods restaurant! i’m seriously jealous of y’all living in sydney 😭

laterz peeps 😜 #tdil


right, after that fun, i think i need to go watch some mighty car mods! 😍 if you don’t feel like doing that … why not read more sick facts ->here<-

(not many image licenses today 👍🏻 the header is ->here<-)

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