today i learned – sat 7th apr 2018

i chose today’s fact for the sole reason that it made me lol 😂

i feel like i need to visit all of these places 😏

#tdil that dull, boring and bland are all legit towns and they’re all twinned 🙈

that’s right! there are three places in the world named ‘dull’, ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ 🙌🏻 i want to meet the people that named those towns and shake each their hands 😱

so, the places in a bit more detail 😏 ‘dull’ is a small village (with around 84 peeps) in the scottish highlands. boring is in oregon … it’s quite a lot bigger, 35 times bigger to be exact!

those two have been twinned since 2012 … meaning that they both have signs that say something like “dull, paired with boring” 😂

this story got even better when the two joined forces with a place in australia called “bland”, which is in the ‘shire of bland’ 😁

now, the three of them unofficially call themselves “the league of extraordinary communities” 🙌🏻 … they the real mvp!

anyway, that’s all for today … just a quick one to make you and your pals laugh down the pub 😏

bye! 😜 #tdil


i found this fact far funnier than i should have 🙈 if you fancy some more good stuff, take a gander over ->here<-

(image license time! picture one is ->here<-, picture two ->here<- and the header is an awful screenshot … because i couldn’t find any pictures icould use 🙃)

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