today i learned – thurs 5th apr 2018

every now and then, i quite like keeping y’all up-to-date with the latest internetweb based fads 😏

far from being another awful soap eating challenge or something like that 🙈 this one is actually something you should try! 🙌🏻

#tdil that japan has a new craze where they take a ball of aluminium and polish it into a gorgeous ball of shiny goodness 😍

like, i know that sounds really boring 😅 but the result is actually pretty darn awesome 😱 … as demonstrated in the below picture (and video further down)

the idea is basically that you take a ball of aluminium foil (the stuff you wrap your lunch in 🥪) and then spend hour upon hour sculpting and polishing it to perfection 🤙🏻

to be honest, it’s very japanese 🇯🇵 – they have a thing for doing stuff perfectly 😏 but, to be honest, who can blame them when the end result is this perty 😎

plus, at least it stops the kids eating soap and gets them doing something that takes a gigantic amount of persistence instead 🤓 … i genuinely might give this one a go!

this ended up being shorter than planned 😂 but there’s only so much you can write about something this simple! 🙈 i guess it just gives you more time to spend making your own!!

laterz 🤙🏻 #tdil


it’s nice that i’ve been able to bring you something from the internet that is good for once! if you fancy learning some other stuff that isn’t as good … just go ->here<-

(so, images … i only have a license for the header (->here<-) … the other image is a grab from the video that i’ve used 🤷🏻‍♂️)

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