today i learned – tues 3rd apr 2018

back to work today peeps 🙄 anyone else feeling the struggle? 😭

was the answer yes? well, pull up a chair and get some of this youtube goodness in your eye holes 👀

#tdil that ‘freight hopping’ 🚂 is a thing and a dude did it all the way across canada 😱

so, first of all, you’re probably asking “dude, what on earth is freight hopping?” 😅 … it’s basically the art of jumping on the trailers of freight trains to get to where you need to be 👍🏻 #trainhitchhiking

it goes without saying that it’s pretty illegal 🙈 and i actually only came across it being an actual thing thanks to youtube’s recommended section (which has been on fire for me of late! 🔥)

but yeah, thanks to the you-tub 📺 i was introduced to ‘brave dave‘ 😎 a dude that made a sick series where he freight hopped 5000km across canada 😱 … that’s two whole weeks of basically being a fugitive, sleeping in sketchy looking hedges and hiding out on trains 😅

i’m not going to spoil what happens because it’s such a good series and you need to watch it asap (perfect for the day after a bank holiday? 😏).

like, the whole thing is just all about adventure and is legit an emotional rollarcoaster – going from beautiful views to almost getting caught and back again … multiple times! 🙈 like, it’s so eventful that dave is now band from canada 😅 #awks

seriously peeps … go do yourself a favour and watch it! the first vid was up there ^^ and the rest can be found ->here<- 😎 go forth and get yo’ spirit of adventure on!! 🙌🏻

ahhh dude, i literally want to go freight hopping so bad now! 🙈 brave dave, if you read this, can we go freight hopping in 2027? 😏

anyway, have a good day people! 😘

laters 🤙🏻 tdil


yo, why are you still reading this? go watch good stuff ->here<- … still here? well, i guess you could always read more shizz ->here<- and make me feel good 😏

(right, picture license time 👍🏻 image one is ->here<-, image two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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