today i learned – mon 2nd apr 2018

it seems pretty mental that it’s april!? like, this year is legit flying by faster than a rocket car 🙈

today’s fact has nothing to do with the above … just wanted to mention it 🤷🏻‍♂️

#tdil that there is such thing as ‘the world pillow fighting championships’ 😱

we’ve reported on some pretty spectacular sports on this blog … but i think this one is right up there with the best 😂 it’s a legit world championship for pillow fighting! 🛏

apparently, it’s not a new thing either 🙈 … it has been running for 50 years in the states?! how this sport has been kept from me for so long is totally beyond me 😂

but yeah, the basic premise of the american version is that two people sit on a large metal pole and try to knock each other off with pillows … with the loser plunging into a pool of icky looking water 😷

now, i’ve specifically said ‘american version’ in that paragraph because, of course, there’s also a tournament in japan 😏♥️

in japan, the sport is more like a game of dodgeball 🙈 with peeps launching pillows at each other … trying to take out the captain of the other team.

possibly the best bit of the japanese version is a crazy rule where, if one side shouts “teacher’s coming!”, everyone on the opposing team must stop and pretend to sleep for 10 seconds 😂

this rule comes from when the sport was invented by boisterous students having pillow fights in school 💪🏻

there’s not much else to say, to be honest 😁 i just found this highly interesting!

on that note, it’s time for us to say goodbye 🤷🏻‍♂️ have a good night peeps!

mwah 😘 #tdil


that sign off was pretty different 😂 i’m running out of interesting ways to stop these posts! 🙈 anyway, if you want to read more stuff, take a gander ->here<-

(not many pictures today … but licenses are as follows – first picture ->here<- and header ->here<-)

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