today i learned – sat 31st mar 2018

i know we did good yesterday, but we’re sticking with the theme again today 🤷🏻‍♂️

either way … this post is about chocolate and it’s nearly easter 🍫 (also, you peeps seem to love good facts 🙌🏻)

#tdil chocolate used to be used as a currency 💰

of course, this isn’t a recent fact … it actually dates back to the aztecs of the 14th century 👍🏻

you see, when they started dominating mesoamerica (i love that word) they realised that they really quite liked good ole choccy 😏 … in fact, the tribes of the time thought that it had mystical qualities – the mayans even praised a god of cocoa!

anyway, where the heart of where the aztecs settled – the dry highlands of central mexico – they couldn’t grow cocoa 😢 which is awks when you really love it 💔

in lieu of this ability, they decided to trade with the mayans for cocoa beans 🙌🏻 … these cocoa beans were so coveted that they had monetary value! like, in the 1500s, you could appaz buy a turkey hen for 100 beans! 💷

basically, if i was around as part of the aztec tribe, i’d have been hella poor on account of me eating all of my ££ 😂 which, to be honest, is an awks thing to tell the bank manager 🙈

in fact, i’m pretty sure that i’d have taken up bank robbery as a trade … although, after a few banks, you’d end up a very fat robber; progressively getting easier to catch 🤷🏻‍♂️ (i’m aware they probs didn’t have banks 🙄)

anyhew, that’s us done today 😁 that fact was pretty sweet 😏

byeeeee 👋🏻 #tdil


woooooo, another chocolate based fact 🙌🏻 why not grab a block of your fave and read some more fact goodness ->here<- 😎

(my fave picture time again 🙄 licenses are as follows – image one ->here<-, image two ->here<- and the header ->here<-)

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