today i learned – weds 28th mar 2018

you know a few days ago when i said that the end of the world is coming? 🙄

well, it turns out there’s a more immediate danger that you should probs be aware of 😅

#tdil that the chinese space station ‘tiangong-1’ is currently falling back to earth 🛰

on the face of it, this seems like a very irresponsible thing to do … you know, making one of your space stations leave space in a falling fashion 😅

well, making it even worse, no one actually know where it’s going to land 🙈 … that’s right, an 8.5-ton space station is plummeting to earth and no one knows where it’ll crash 😂

to be fair, it isn’t quite as irresponsible as i’m making out … like, the thing ‘should’ burn up on re-entry and be of no bother to anyone … but you never know 😳

whatever happens, it’ll be making its fiery return over the easter weekend … entering the earth’s atmosphere from friday 30th march to april 2nd 👍🏻

basically, forget about that crazy end of the world prophecy for now and stare profusely at the sky to ensure you don’t get some space junk on ya noggin 👀

lols, i enjoyed writing this today 😂

good luck y’all 😜 #tdil


hmmmm 🤔 maybe we should place bets as to where it’s gonna land! 😏 anyway, until then, why not read more facts ->here<-

(i’ll be honest, these aren’t pictures of the actual space station #sozza 😅 … licenses are as follows: header ->here<-, image one ->here<- and image two->here<-)

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