today i learned – thurs 22nd mar 2018

we’re sticking with the animal theme today! 😊 it’s less sad though 😏

it also comes with a small dose of nicolas cage … so it’s basically just a massive win 🙌🏻

#tdil that nicolas cage once bought a really expensive octopus because it ‘helped with his acting’🐙

wondering how much ‘really expensive’ is? … $150,000 🙈 that’s a rather grand £106,027 (according to xe currency converter) for a lil octopus … which i like to imagine had a name like ‘roger’ or something 👍🏻

that’s quite a lot of money to pay for an octopus … i mean, you can buy them off ebay for a fraction of that 🙈 just remember, this one also filled the role of super acting coach 😏

well, at least that’s what good ole nic claimed … no one actually knows how the octopus helped with his acting 😂 like, they’re clever but (other than the one from finding dory 🐠) i can’t say i’ve ever seen one actually act 😅 #awks

some people believe monsieur cage actually called it his acting coach for tax write off purposes 🤷🏻‍♂️

turns out that this isn’t the first mad purchase that he’s made 😂 … as a serial purchaser of crazy goods that cost many many $$, cage has actually been bankrupt a few times 🙃

that said, it’s meant that he’s been able to buy several yachts, the original superman comic, a castle, 50 cars, a jet and an island … (that’s not even the full list 🙈)

tbh, i think it’s totally worth it 😂 #smokethemifyougotthem 😏

anyhew, that’s us done for today! this was fun, let’s do this again some time 😘

lates 😎 #tdil


actually really enjoyed this one … i want an octopus called spencer 😱. feel like you still have a craving for facts? take a gander over ->here<-

(finding free images of octopus’ is actually really hard 🙄 licenses for these images are: one ->here<-, two ->here<- and header ->here<-)

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