today i learned – weds 14th mar 2018

prepare yourselves, ladies and gentleman, the future is here! … kinda 🙈

today we’re engaging full inspector gadget mode 😏😎

#tdil that a company named ‘pal-v’ have built the world’s first flying car 😱

that’s right, someone has finally actually made an actual flying car you can actually buy! 🙌🏻 #nomoretrafficforme

it’s called the ‘pal-v liberty’ and it’s effectively a ‘car’ (by definition at least) that can be transformed into a gyrocopter 🚁 in just 5-10 mins 😜

now, you may be thinking “dude, other flying cars have come and gone over the years?! what you mean when you say this is the first?”

well, pal-v say that the liberty complied with all current road and air laws … meaning that it can be legit sold and used by peeps all over the world 🙌🏻 most previous car planes haven’t been able to boast that 🤷🏻‍♂️

making power for road and sky, you have two different engines – a 99bhp road engine that does 31mpg and has a range of 817 miles (mental) and a 197bhp flying engine that lets liberty climb to 3,500m ☁️ and has a range of 310 miles.

sadly, the conversion from car to plane is automagic and requires the driver to tug out the tail section, unfold two rotor blades and take out the prop … at least the rotor mast is auto 👍🏻

can you imagine owning a flying car?! you’d never have to sit in congestion ever again and you’d be able to get really far away really quickly … like, you could go on a long weekend without needing to visit an airport or drive a long way! 👍🏻

only problem is that it costs £425,000 😅 easy jet is definitely cheaper peeps 😂

right, this is longer than planned! i got carried away with flying fun times 🙈 have a good day people!

peace ✌🏻 #tdil


quote enjoy facts like this … it’s just like being at work, so they’re easy to write 😏 fancy learning more cool steez? just look over ->here<-

(right, all of today’s pictures came from the pal-v media pack … so i’m not sure where to credit 😅 i guess you should go look at their website ->here<-)

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