today i learned – tues 13th mar 2018

today, we’re going to venture into the world’s of toys, food and toy story 😏

that’s because we’re delving into the legend that is mr. potato head! 😎

#tdil that mr potato head was the first toy to be advertised on the tellybox 📺 (i got a video and everything! 🙌🏻)

how crazy is that, the very first toy that ever graced the telly-visual realm was monsieur potato head 🥔 in 1952 😏

now, unlike the plastic version that you may own or may have seen on toy story, the original mr potato head was actually just an accessory pack that allowed you to turn any veg into a funny looking person 😁

erm, let me explain through the medium of youtube 😜 here’s an early advert (not sure it’s the original 🤷🏻‍♂️) –

dudeeeeeee, kids used to have an imagination 🙈 could you imagine giving this set to the kids of today?! 🙄 if it don’t got no screen or a myriad of apps, then those peeps ain’t interesting 😢

just so you know (because you might be worrying 😅), mr potato head gained his female companion in 1953 … just one year after he became all the successful 😊👰🏼 (he probably met her before then, it just meant he could afford a nice wedding 😏)

right, things just got a bit weird … so i think that means we’re done for tonight 😂

have a gooden’ 😍 #tdil


this one was pretty short but i still rather enjoyed it 😁 who knew mr potato head was so successful?! still have a craving for more fact goodness? take a wander to the table of knowledge ->here<-

(piccy license time 👍🏻 number one is ->here<- and the header is ->here<- … actual pictures of mr potato head that i could use were impossible to find 🙄)

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