today i learned – sun 11th mar 2018

i’m sorry, but today’s fact has literally made my life a little bit 😱 it combines sport and pizza?!

this one comes courtesy of my best friend’s insta story … she doesn’t know that yet 😂

#tdil that there is such a thing as the ‘world pizza games’ 🍕😍

yep, it’s real! there’s a legit world pizza games where pizza makers compete to win prizes in some insane event categories 🙌🏻

it takes place every year at the ‘international pizza expo’ (yep, this fact just keeps getting better) and offers cash prizes and medals for winners 💰

so, what do our budding pizza makers have to do to win? well, they have to compete in one (or more) of the below events:

– freestyle acrobatic dough tossing

– fastest dough

– largest dough stretch

– fastest pizza box folding

– pizza triathlon

i couldn’t actually find details for them all 🙄 but apparently the freestyle aerobatic dough tossing is the most popular … drawing a giant crowd every year 😏

aside from the obvious ones, the slightly less clear ones are played as follows – the fastest dough competition sees competitors making tossing five lots of dough to cover five pizza screens – the fastest wins.

the pizza triathlon challenges competitors with a combination of pizza box folding, fast dough-tossing skills and large-dough skills 😜 … basically, if you win this, you’re a real pizza boss 💪🏻

i don’t really know how i survived before i knew this fact 🙃 how could i not know that there was a world pizza games?! i need all of that pizza goodness in my life now!

anyone fancy coming to the international pizza expo? it begins on march 19th 😜

on that note, we’re done for today 😘

class dismissed 😉 #tdil


i feel that this is one of the most important facts on the blog – it has pizza 🤷🏻‍♂️🍕 if you feel like you need proof, go read more stuff ->here<-

(the pictures from this post have made me hungry 🙄 here are the licenses … picture one ->here<-, picture two ->here<- and the header ->here<-)

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