today i learned – weds 7th mar 2018

back to the animal facts tonight! 😱 i literally love these facts 😍

i especially like this one because it’s a tad strange, a tad awesome and a tad cute 🙌🏻

#tdil that, in switzerland, it is against the law to own just one guinea pig 🐹

sounds weird at first, doesn’t it? 🙈 like, why on earth would it be illegal to have just one guinea pig?! 🤷🏻‍♂️ well, it turns out that there’s a very good reason and the law is actually pretty sweet 😁

you see, guinea pigs should live in herds and therefore are super sociable animals … that means that, when they’re left on their lonesome, they get really lonely 😢

so, to prevent swiss living guinea pigs from a life of loneliness, the government introduced this rather cute law 🙌🏻

the swiss actually have a few laws like this one … they’re all for protecting the feelings of animals 😏 there are even laws that concern fish!! 🐠

as a brucie bonus, here are some of my particular highlights 😏 – you can only buy a dog after you’ve taken two or three lessons and practical training, you can only have a house cat if you buy two house cats and fish must have a full day/night cycle 👍🏻

how great are the swiss!? 😁 i think everyone should have laws like this … like, animal wellbeing is super important!

anyway, that’s us done for today 😘 hopefully you’ve enjoyed this happy little fact 😊

laters ♥️ #tdil


i don’t think we’ve done any other fact that is this happy 🙈 regardless, go learn fun stuff ->here<-

(image time!! picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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