today i learned – mon 5th mar 2018

today’s fact actually came as a bit of a surprise to me, if i’m honest!

fellow motorists of uk fame, hold on to your hats, things could get interesting 🙈

#tdil that learner drivers will be allowed on the motorway this year! 😳

yup, you read that correctly! from june 4th of this year, learner drivers (not pass plus peeps) will be able to take driving lessons on the motorway in england, wales and scotland 👍🏻

it’s actually a pretty scary thought when you think about it 😅 like, yeah, it’s good that everyone can have formal lessons on the motorway without paying extra for pass plus but should peeps with little experience be allowed on the fastest roads in britain? 🙈

well, to ease your mind, i can tell you that there will be stringent rules in place when it comes to taking a learner on the motorway … your dad or your dad’s mate terry won’t be allowed 🤙🏻 #phew

instead, learners will have to be in a dual controlled vehicle whilst accompanied by an approved driving instructor 🚗

these lessons will also be voluntary … and only undertaken when the instructor decides that the student is ready to take on the big scary road 🚙

appaz it’ll be well documented when the change takes place, so that everyone is aware of the change … but yeah, you heard it here first 👍🏻

tbh, it’s probably good that students can go on the motorway with an instructor … at the moment, most kids just pass and then venture out for their motorway debut on their lonesome with zero education 🤷🏻‍♂️

mixed feels on this, what are your thoughts? 🤔

byeeeeeeeee 🚘 #tdil


quick but informative today! possibly too informative 😂 fancy some drivel? just take a look over ->here<-

(image time! picture one is ->here<-, picture two is ->here<- and the header is ->here<-)

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